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Screen Leaders is the strategic company development programme for the screen industries that can transform your business. Designed for company leaders working in film, television, animation, games, post-production, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition, it’s funded by the Creative Europe Programme and the Irish Film Board/Bord Scannán na hÉireann.

This intensive programme provides you with a wide range of skills to grow and develop your business. From strategic planning and implementation, to aligning your company culture to that strategy, this programme fosters innovation and builds company value. It enables you to make informed decisions to support your company’s future. The focus is on implementation.

It’s custom designed in consultation with participating companies – it is this bespoke approach which makes the programme entirely unique.

Content is tailored to your needs, making it relevant to your company, targeting the markets in which your business operates, and those in which you hope to expand.

Screen Leaders also provides market intelligence through relevant international case studies and industry sessions. It gives you the skills your organisation needs in a complex and ever-changing international marketplace and the opportunity to focus on and invest in you and your company’s evolution. It supplies you with an international network that supports growth in business.

After consultation with participating companies, the team will work with you in identifying your objectives. This means the resulting tailored programme is responsive to you and your company’s individual needs and development.

It includes one to one mentorship, in company coaching and group work.

Core elements of the programme include the following:

◦           Strategic planning consultation and mentorship

◦           Implementation of strategy

◦           Leadership coaching, workshops and mentorship

◦           Developing a high performance culture

◦           Financial planning consultation

◦           Relevant company case studies

◦           Industry sessions designed to respond to key objectives identified for your company

Course directors, coaches, tutors and guest speakers are all top-tier international professionals and management consultants


Running from June to December, there are three modules and meetings between sessions.

Module 1: 23rd-26th of June

Module 2: 25th and 26th of August or the 8th and 9th of September

(you can choose the most suitable attendance dates)

Module 3: 17th-20th November

Between Modules 2 and 3 our course directors for strategy and leadership will meet with you to develop your strategic plan and assist in its implementation.

It’s designed for companies operating for five years + and/or you will have worked five years + at senior management level in another company. Two individuals at senior management level are required to attend from each company.

The nature of your company’s business includes, but is not limited to: film, television, animation, games, post-production, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition. We have also worked with guilds, film festivals and broadcasters.

To ensure an optimal learning environment, eight to ten companies a year will participate.

The programme costs €5,000 per company. This cost covers course fees, accommodation and subsistence for two senior company representatives. Scholarships are available for all twelve new EU member states, as well as Irish bursary support.

For more information on the Screen Leaders programme please contact Programme Director Helen McMahon at Mobile: + 353 87 8362451 Tel: +353 1 6798040

Applications can be made here