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Screen Training Ireland is the national training and development resource specifically created for the Irish screen sectors to provide continuing training and career development opportunities for professionals in the independent film, television and animation sector, and is founded on a collaborative approach with industry.
Screen Training Ireland in co-operation with national and international industry partners delivers a wide range of training to the sector in enterprise and business development, creative IP development, and technical skills to creative and technical personnel.  Read more

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EXPLORING GENRE: Beyond the Chick Flick – Writing The Female-Driven Screenplay starting 13.07.2015

In this day-long, intensive seminar you will deepen your understanding of * how to replace “soft” scenes with active moments. * the creation of bold character choices without falling into tired stereotypes. * how to turn girly chatter into real-woman dialogue. * Write a female-driven screenplay or TV series.

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EXPLORING GENRE: Bromance starting 07.12.2015

THE ROAD TO BROMANCE: Writing the Buddy Film The “Buddy” film has a great cinematic tradition. In the early days, duos from Laurel and Hardy to Abbot and Costello, Hope and Crosby and Lewis and Martin delighted film goers. The tradition continued and expanded over the years, moving into action films like Lethal Weapon, Midnight

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EXPLORING GENRE: Black Comedy and Satire starting 08.12.2015

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Black Comedy and Satire Black comedies may not always win at the box office, but they are the stuff cult films and devoted fans are made of and always make for a great, distinctive writing sample. The genre has a great tradition, from DR.STRANGELOVE, MASH, and NETWORK through GROSSE POINTE

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EXPLORING GENRE: Thriller starting 09.12.2015

IT’S ALL A BIG CONSPIRACY: The 21st Century Dramatic Thriller ARGO’S win as Best Picture in 2013 made it official – the dramatic thriller is back. This workshop will break down the structure, theme, and content of several recent thrillers, from Michael Clayton, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, and THE DEPARTED to TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER

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EXPLORING GENRE: Romantic Comedy starting 10.12.2015

BOY MEETS GIRL, BOY LOSES GIRL, BOY IS GIRL: The Past and Future of Romantic Comedy Writing This two day seminar will explore the history, conventions and demands of the romantic comedy, drawing on classic examples from the 1930’s through the present, and offering practical advice on the advantages and perils of writing and selling

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EXPLORING GENRE: Dialogue and Genre starting 12.12.2015

“WAKE UP, TIME TO DIE!!!” Dialogue and Genre Creating unique and memorable character voices is one of the best ways to get noticed. One powerful way to approach your dialogue writing is to consider it in terms of genre. If you know what each genre requires in terms of tone, type of characters, crucial structural

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