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Screen Training Ireland operates a Bursary Award Scheme to assist Irish industry professionals to enhance their career through international training opportunities. When the necessary training is not available in Ireland, the scheme enables bursary recipients to participate in international training programmes, workshops and structured work programmes to assist their professional development.

The purpose of the scheme is to expose industry practitioners to the best training expertise and work situations internationally. In all cases bursaries are awarded to ensure professional development and skill enhancement in line with international work standards.

Screen Training Ireland offers two types of bursaries to applicants:

  • funding to attend full time training courses and workshops abroad
  • support funding to participate in a structured work programme within international companies and organisations. The work programme can be designed by┬áthe individual to specifically match their training needs.

Application process

Professionals interested in applying for a Screen Training Ireland Bursary Award should fill in the online application form, attaching two industry references, a letter of acceptance from the programme providers and a full breakdown of the programme.

Every month, Screen Training Ireland present the applications to an external bursary panel of industry experts who assess each application. The panel select applicants based on the outlined criteria and decide on the funding allocation to each successful applicant. In some cases applicants may be required to attend an interview.

It is essential that you complete the full application process and ensure that you have attached all the required supporting documentation.



For further information on the Bursary award scheme please contact

Emer MacAvin
E: emer.macavin@screentrainingireland.ie
T: +353 87 9768313

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