Programme Endorsments

“The VFX script to screen program is something totally unique, an amazing initiative. This is the perfect setup to share knowledge and meet fellow film makers from all over Europe. It is a rare opportunity to be thinking out of the box and reconsider the industry and its disciplines. The dialogs with the participants were truly inspiring and I will keep great memories from this experience”

Francois Dumoulin, VFX Supervisor, Rodeo FX, Montreal – Tutor

“I have presented to VFX: Script to screen twice so far, had a great time and met some really interesting people. I look forward to coming again, as I learn something new each time”

Paddy Eason, VFX Supervisor, Nvizible, London – Tutor

“Screen Training Ireland have delivered well above my expectations on one of the most well rounded and in-depth industry courses I’ve ever had the pleasure to partake in. The collaboration with Windmill Lane VFX and Screen Scene VFX brought an endless perspective of technical and artistic expertise along with a host of the highest calibre speakers from around the globe. Put simply, this level of industry training cannot be missed”

Brian Rossney, Promo Producer/Director, Ireland

“The course made me braver and more intuitive as a writer and a director”

JP Siili, Director, Finland

“The course completely immersed me in the world of VFX, covering every aspect, to give me a knowledge base and the confidence to make decisions as a director, which will be invaluable in the future.”

Brendan Muldowney, Director, Ireland

“I felt greatly accomodated and welcomed by the team and speakers, who worked very closely with the participants, ensuring that you could have close one-to-one consultation alongside the fantastic course

Sven Schnell, Producer, Germany