ASSET (A Specialist Skills Enhancement and Training programme) is a flexible and bespoke training scheme led entirely by the individual participant.  Candidates can apply for an individual training fund of up 70% of the cost of training, up to a maximum of €5,000, with which they can choose a range of training interventions in order to enhance their specialist skills in design for digital and physical production.    Participants will hone their skills in production pipelines, enhancing their knowledge, understanding and practice of specialist skills.

In terms of structuring an individual training plan, candidates may choose a range of training options that best suit their needs and work schedule.  They may choose to adopt a mentor; avail of local or international training; freelancers may avail of a local or international work placement; attend Screen Training Ireland or other local training courses; or avail of any combination of these training options.  In addition, participants may wish to avail of currently available online training tools  to further cement their knowledge. You can find out more about the ASSET initiative and download an application form here.

animationskillnetlogoVFX and ANIMATION TRAINEESHIP

The VFX and Animation Traineeship, a collaboration between Screen Training Ireland, Animation Skillnet, and industry, aims to raise the skill level of key emerging talent in the animation and VFX industries and enhance contribution to and understanding of studio processes and pipelines.

The Traineeship aims to partner 10 apprentices with 10 animation/VFX studios for one full year.   Over the course of the year the trainee will work in-house in the studio where they will receive on the job training.  In addition to on-the-job training, the trainee will receive a significant amount of additional tailored training through Animation Skillnet and Screen Training Ireland.

The curriculum for the year of training will be developed by all stakeholders (the VFX Association of Ireland, Animation Ireland, Screen Training Ireland, Animation Skillnet and the Irish Film Board) and will combine training in core skills for animation/VFX with specialist and studio-specific knowledge and skills.

You can find out more about the VFX and Animation traineeship including the application process by clicking HERE


This flexible and practical training programme, a collaboration between Screen Training Ireland, Element Pictures and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, will provide essential on-the-job training to new entrants to the film and TV industry as well as continued professional development for experienced production personnel by providing an ongoing production (TV3 drama series RED ROCK) on which trainees can engage in meaningful work-based learning.   This will be supplemented by short training initiatives, or “pop-up courses”, developed with Screen Training Ireland and other stakeholders as training needs arise.

The production will offer set-based training facilities, equipment and expertise.  The training on this programme offers the potential for long-term employment in the sector, as well as offering participants a structured career path through which to develop their skills in TV drama production.

The production plans to utilise innovative time- and cost-saving on-set technological tools and apps, which will provide training opportunities for TV production personnel to learn more about the changing TV production landscape.

As well as taking on its required complement of paid trainees, the production will provide shadowing and work-based learning opportunities for emerging talent, who may be provided with a training allowance by STI.

New entrants may be recent graduates or professionals from other sectors whose experience could prove relevant and valuable in areas of the TV production sector experiencing skills shortages thus enhancing capacity in the sector.