VFX New Entrant Traineeship Programme starting 16.07.2018

This flexible and practical training programme will provide essential on-the-job training to new entrants in the VFX Industry. This programme will also support continued professional development for experienced production personnel by providing an ongoing support through which trainees can engage in meaningful work-based learning. The facility will offer studio based on-the-job training for the new

Story and Macro Design Masterclass starting 07.07.2018

Brian Allgeier will share the process of developing an overarching game design and story structure. For game design, participants will develop a list of mechanics and use them in a core game loop. They’ll see how branching paths are gated, non-linear storytelling elements are designed, and the integration of progression systems. In terms of story,

Decorative Paint Effects Workshop starting 18.06.2018

This workshop is a collaboration between Troy Studios, Screen Training Ireland, and Limerick School of Art and Design (LIT). It is a hands-on training workshop tailored to provide selected painters local to the Mid-West region and recently employed on high end Sci-fi series NIGHTFLYERS at Troy Studios with specialist painting skills. The workshop will cover

Big Stories on The Small Screen Module 2 starting 31.05.2018

Big Stories on the Small Screen is set to run a second major initiative to develop skills in quality long-form screen drama. The initiative brings together some of the most eminent screen storytellers from across the world to work with Irish screen professionals. Big Stories comprises a series of workshops and events over twelve months, beginning with a

Masterclass with Screenwriter Paul Rutman starting 23.05.2018

Big Stories on the Small Screen in association with Screen Training Ireland and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland are delighted to host a masterclass with screenwriter Paul Rutman. The masterclass will be moderated by Lauren Mackenzie. Paul is a BAFTA-nominated, multi-talented writer and producer. He created and wrote the acclaimed six-part terrorist thriller Next of

Adaptation – with Beth Serlin starting 21.05.2018

Since the earliest days of cinema, adaptations from novels and other source material have provided audiences with many of the world’s greatest films. And with Room, Brooklyn and many other successful films – adaptation is proving to be particularly popular at the box office. The goal of this course is to explore the process of successfully adapting

Intimacy Etiquette for Film and Television starting 30.04.2018

Bow Street Screen Acting Academy and Screen Training Ireland are seeking participants for “Intimacy Etiquette for Film and Television”.   This course will feature an industry panel on best practice chaired by Shimmy Marcus and a presentation by Ita O’Brien. This course will provide guidance on best practice for Actors, Producers, Directors, 1st Assistant Directors and Directors of Photography on working with

The Core Principles of Storytelling on the Screen starting 03.05.2018

  Screen Training Ireland is seeking participants for “The Basic Principles of Storytelling on the Screen”. This course will provide guidance to writers and creatives on: The Shapes of Stories What Defines a Plot Twist and Why They Are Necessary Character at the Heart of The Screen Story Creating and Sustaining Dramatic Tension Putting the

Investigating Characters starting 24.04.2018

Screen Training Ireland is seeking participants for “Investigating Characters”. This course will provide guidance to writers and creatives on: Clarifying a Character’s Primary Motivation How to Write Secondary Characters Beats of Transformation The Gleaming Detail   Mary Kate O’Flanagan is an award-winning screenwriter and story consultant in the European film and television industry. She teaches screenwriting