Upcoming Courses

Screen Training Ireland offer a comprehensive range of courses across three key areas which you can filter using the search options below.

Story and Macro Design Masterclass starting 07.07.2018

Brian Allgeier will share the process of developing an overarching game design and story structure. For game design, participants will develop a list of mechanics and use them in a core game loop. They’ll see how branching paths are gated, non-linear storytelling elements are designed, and the integration of progression systems. In terms of story,

VFX New Entrant Traineeship Programme starting 16.07.2018

This flexible and practical training programme will provide essential on-the-job training to new entrants in the VFX Industry. This programme will also support continued professional development for experienced production personnel by providing an ongoing support through which trainees can engage in meaningful work-based learning. The facility will offer studio based on-the-job training for the new